Anemos is an open source infrastructure management research project. It strives to provide a framework for deploying servers that is powerful, flexible, and extensible.

It provides deployment tools that can be used on both virtual and physical machines. It works on a single machine without any external infrastructure, but can be used with existing infrastructure in larger setups.

How it works

Anemos requires a payload as input. This payload must define the deployment itself. It could for example be a script that runs the installer of your favorite Linux Distribution (though it must be non-interactive). However, the recommended approach is to use makeimg.

Given the payload, the Anemos CLI tool can be used to generate an initramfs - building on the Anemos base initramfs - which, when run, will perform the deploy as described by the payload. In environments that do not have a readily available PXE-boot infrastructure the CLI tool can also be used to boot the initramfs on the host to be deployed.

Find out more by reading the documentation, or check out the official demo project!