Anemos in Action

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This page provides some glimpses into what Anemos is and can do, beyond words and theory. See the about page for more background on what’s happening here.

Video: Deploying

Anemos is actively being used to deploy the two authoritative nameservers ( and responsible for and a few other zones. The full code used to do this is available here.

Here is a video of this in action - After uploading the small payload, is deployed by running anemos on it, which:

As you can see in the terminal on the left, the entire process happens with a downtime of slightly under 40 seconds (note: the host reboots very fast because it is a VM).

Video: Installing Arch Linux on a VPS

This is an older, less polished demo, but it showcases an interesting use-case for anemos, demonstrating how it can be used to quickly install a distribution on a VPS that the hosting provider does not offer support for. The payload code can be found here.

In this video, you can see:

The Daphnis Demo Instance

The anemos project plans to offer an asset management component which integrates with it (but can potentially be used on its own). These efforts are currently code-named daphnis. It’s in a very early stage, but you may be able to see it in action (no uptime guarantees) at If it’s up, it should contain information about some of my hosts. This information is updated by anemos every time the hosts are being deployed.